Big Boi f. Gucci Mane, “Shine Blockas” MP3

See, it’s shit like this that makes us not care about Andre 3000 ever rapping again [Ed. We definitely still care about Andre 3000 rapping.] And we could talk about how much we wanted this Big Boi album, but it’s pretty apparent our voices are falling on deaf ears. On this track, Gucci in particular is in rare form and not just cause he’s rapping over sped up Teddy P. instead of Zaytoven‘s usual twankle and glisten. These are the type of flows that render already dubious “hottest rapper” lists completely irrelevant.

Download: Big Boi f. Gucci Mane, “Shine Blockas”

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  1. ish says:

    Why would one of the “hottest” rappers in the world do song with this dude??

    I mean who is this “Big Boi?

  2. H P says:

    I think Big Boy is the newest member of Brick Squad 1017?

    *straight face*

  3. macco says:

    @ish : you gotta be kidding right?! you’re kidding. yeah, you’re kidding.

  4. TopBananas says:

    “b^tch, you without me is like Harold Melvin without the bluenotes. you’ll never go platinum.” Unrelated but in a way related.

  5. David says:

    Man, this is a pretty whatever Gucci verse imo. and yall know i love gucci

  6. pyncdawgz6 says:

    BigBoi is a member of Outkast (WHOSE YOUR CADDY) of the GREatest RAPpers of all time.Thanks BigBoi FOR BEING THAT GUY for the perfect song with the perfect timing.Gucci mane we love you but for your favorite fan STOP CRYIN on the mixtapes,dawgz,pls except NO DISrespect.We all got issues.

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  8. Jimmy neutron says:

    Y’all fools is weird. How ya not know who big boi is? Who the fuck is gucci mane?! respect ya elders!!!!

  9. Evana says:

    how do you not know whom big boi is?

  10. bodyguardbob says:

    ur jokin right whos big boi im guessin ur new to rap yeah u are 4sho

  11. bodyguardbobislame says:

    big boi wat a wack guy. hey bob shut up. ur just as lame as lil wayne. oh shit that rymes.

  12. lol says:

    yeah whoever this faggot is is obviously new to rap? Big Boi was out waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay before Gucci. how old are you? like 5? thats seriously how old you have to be to not know who Gucci is. you can even tell from the caliber of lyrics that BB been around before Gucci. if it wasnt for BB, gucci wouldnt exist you lame ass nigga

  13. lol says:

    thats seriously how old you have to be to not know who Big Boi is*

  14. Biggs says:

    Are you homo’s serious right now? “Who’s Big Boi???” HAHAHA! Who da f*ck is Gucci mane? haha gucci been out for like 3 years or something now? daddy fatsacs (aka Outkast) been out since 94… Yall gucci fans must be like 14 or sumpin.. Big Boi is a legend in my years son. Anyways this Melvin and the blue notes sample is fresh. Holla!

  15. i think yuour sexy and hot find please hit back

  16. bballer says:

    woww really? big boi is the dude from outkast haha retards