Travis Porter f. YT & ATL, “All The Way Turnt Up”

During the press run for his Underground Atlanta compilation, Mike Bigga or as he allows us to call him, Killer Mike, likened ATL trio Travis Porter to The Beastie Boys. We’re assuming he meant when they were the same age as Travis Porter. Which is not to take anything away from Mike D still rocking Kaws and sunglasses all the the time, but these dudes are living for the party, or are basically, “All The Way Turnt Up.” Our sources tell us that this is shutting clubs down in the A right now and though we didn’t get this from Soulja Boy’s twitter, apparently he’s with it too.

Update: Apparently, the song also belongs to Soulja Boy cohort Roscoe Dash and was hi-jacked by Travis Porter.

Download: Travis Porter f. YT & ATL, “All The Way Turnt Up”

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  1. KING Ola says:

    There is a mistake here. The song really belongs to Roscoe Dash, but for some reason everyone attaches it to TP. Please correct.

  2. india says:

    yall are lame and ugly as HELL……

  3. annie says:


  4. unknown says:

    this blog had a major error in it (the update)
    this song was not “hi jaked by travis porter”
    why would tp STEAL a song their FEATURED on? YEs R.D wrote the song and is featured in it as well,but he
    said he wasn’t getting his “props” for the song and later took it and did it with souja boy after makeing the track with tp

  5. deja says:

    i luv dis song

  6. miss miikeay says:

    who really gives a care who the song was made by!!! i mean come on now ….everbody knows that the song is poppin and evrybody likes it. yall need to get a life and stop trin to kause drama. sit bakk and enjoy the song. everybody on the song got their moneys worth out of it so…. LEAVE IT ALONE

  7. miss miikeay says:

    they beastied on this song yo!!!!

  8. Fly Ty says:

    ATL is Roscoe Dash .. he wrote the song, Travis Porter made it take off
    ..theyve been havin run ins around the city because Roscoe has been feelin a certain way about his position, and took TPorter off the song..but around the city, only the Travis Porter version gets played..for example, the song didn’t reach this website until Travis Porter got on it ..jus sayin


  9. najlaa says:

    yooooo…dis song go hard..dis da shit right here!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. marqui says:

    yo duz song go hard be gettin drunk up n high off diz shyt

    keep em cumin !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. derricka says:

    I be all the way turnt up

  12. DaiShaun says:

    Da club goes sooooo stoopid when dis song cums on….. whoeva wrote dis keep da bangas cumin……. all the way turned up!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Tamara says:

    I gt da whole south memphis on yo song, every where i go i hear yo song ,i cant get out my mind t,he lyrics cum to my mind every second

  14. awesomeness says:

    this is the best song ever travis porter and lil wayne need to do a song together

  15. janae' says:

    ohkaye this sonq is ohkae .
    aint even wat ppl tried ta makee it !!
    plus it sounds like : Swagg Surfin but
    wayy slower . iCould qo ta sleep
    tew this sonq .. ohkaee sumbody tell
    me wats tha point ov bein all tha way turnt up ??
    can ah female be all tha way turnt up ?

  16. damonica says:

    hehe im all da way turnt up on u hoess bisex barbie in da buldinggg lovein travis porter gettt nakedd

  17. damonica says:

    get nakeddd take ya clothes off wipe of that lip glossss ya body so softt get nakeddddddd im get naked alright only for strap fineee assss

  18. damonica says:

    ill give strap da bizzz shawdiee

  19. MARiAH says:



  20. Mane da sayin is Roscoe is on da song in he mad cuz he ain’t gettin his recognized fo writting da song. Well I say y didn’t u say da chorus if u knew da tp was gnw get recognizef. Its stupid if ask me. Or in other wrds y did u do da song wit him. Its set….. if u on da chorus of a song in da choeus its a rap. Cuz da chorus makes da song. Enough said

  21. diamon1 says:

    all respect goes to roscoe dash!!!!!!!!!! travis porter wuld be nutin wit out him!!!!!!
    NEVER forget that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. JN says:

    it not only about whos song was it first but who produced k.e. jacked the beat frm vybe so this shit is all straight drama

  23. brezzy_brebadazz says:

    travis porter be gettn it in but aint yall from st.louis

  24. not that serious says:

    I watched Roscoe Dash talk about it on youtube. He claims to have come up with the hook. Even he claims TP wrote the verses. When TP put the video on You Tube, they put it there saying, ft. Roscoe Dash and somebody else. Where does the stealing come in. Credit was given.

  25. Bria Johnson says:

    im mad roscoe dash made it over and put it on the radio. i hate that. its all bout travis porter :)

  26. nykema says:

    iiiiiiiiiiiii llllllllllloooooooovvvvvvvvvveeeeeeeee ttttttttttttthhhhhhhhhhiiiiiiiissssssss sssssssssooooooonnngggggg

  27. Jus_Like_Flexin says:

    man yall some lames TP made this and roscoe dash stole it from TP i heard this a long timeago without Roscoe Dash!

  28. QUA_DAE says:


  29. HL TEEZO says:


  30. Kiid X says:

    well doesn’t matter whos song it is now lol dha music video is on bet and says roscoe,,but the beat and hook get dhis song hype : D

  31. CARAMEL BUNNI says:


  32. ghetto bytch says:

    aye yall go ham lolsz! this my song..(when iam, at dem partysz i b like all dha way fucked up hahahaha i love dis song broooo aye
    hit ,me up at

  33. courtney says:


  34. Tawny Maine says:

    Herez a lil sumthin 4rm Roscoe Dash’z Official Myspace Profile…Might clear up sum of da questionz u ppl b wonderin or askin…

    Atlanta breeds its fair share of music milestones – chart-topping trap boys, dance innovators, crunk divas, trendsetting teens who finger-snap, “twerk,” and “swag surf” their way into the pop culture mainstream. And then there’s Roscoe Dash, an ATL native son poised to carve a movement of his own. The rapper made major noise in ’09 with the party-starting radio smash “All The Way Turnt Up” featuring Soulja Boy. Now, with the impending release of his debut [Untitled Album], Dash will soon write his own page in history.

    Born Jeffrey Johnson, Jr., Dash grew up in Atlanta’s Capitol Homes projects under the watchful eye of his mother and great-grandmother. The baby of the family (he has an older brother, two half-sisters and two step-brothers), Dash was an inquisitive and bright child who learned about Hip-Hop from his older brother Erik.

    “My brother used to make beats in the basement,” says Dash. “When he’d leave the house, I’d steal the beats off of his computer and record them on a karaoke machine.”

    Dash began writing raps at 12 years old. By high school, he’d taken on the name “ATL” as part of a four-man rap group called the Blackout Boys. In 2006, the group (which included Dash’s brother) released a mixtape, Recognition, which generated significant buzz around Mill Creek High School. The following year, the already popular Dash – a basketball-playing heartthrob – released a solo mixtape entitled My Turn, further boosting his high school profile. However, the aspiring emcee didn’t begin take his music career seriously until he became a father at the age of 16.

    “When my daughter was born, my life suddenly had a purpose,” says Dash. “It wasn’t just about me anymore. It was about spending time with her and making sure I could provide her with a great life.”

    Dash continued to record songs in his basement and distribute them at school and at parties. His networking efforts led him to his cousin Torrey “YT” Hood, an investor in the Stone Mountain-based trio Travis Porter. Dash became cool with the group and hung out with them from time to time. One day, in a car on the way to a club in 2009, Dash let YT and Travis Porter member Strap hear a song he’d just recorded entitled “All The Way Turnt Up.”

    “I’d written all three verses on the song plus the hook,” explains Dash. “And I purchased the beat from producer Vibe Beats off of”

    Strap listened to the song and immediately wanted to get on it. Because Travis Porter had an established local name, Dash figured it would help his cause if he incorporated the group into the song. Clearing two verses off of the track – the first verse, hook and intro remained – Dash handed the song over to Travis Porter. It sat on the group’s hard drive for several weeks, until T.P.’s manager, Charlie Jabaley, stumbled upon it while putting together their mixtape I’m a Differenter 2.

    “Charlie called me and said he liked the song and was interested in signing me to their label, Porterhouse Records,” says Dash. “We started the process of lawyers and paperwork and everything.”

    While Dash negotiated joining the Porterhouse fold, Travis Porter released the I’m A Differenter 2 mixtape on August 1, 2009 with “Turnt Up” credited as “featuring YT and ATL,” giving the impression that Dash, still rapping under the moniker “ATL,” was merely a guest on the song. This idea spread fast, due to the success of the mixtape – driven by “Turnt Up,” no doubt – and the subsequent heavy rotation of the single at radio.

    Travis Porter began performing the song on the road, sometimes with Dash, many times without. Internal conflicts ensued and Dash soon realized that he needed to establish his own situation outside of T.P.

    Changing his name to “Roscoe Dash” after Google-ing the names of old comic book superheroes, he linked up with local party promoter and entrepreneur L.A. Da Boomman in the fall of 2009. “When I heard his story and then listened to his music,” says L.A., “I knew I could help him get the spotlight he deserved.”

    Signing Dash to his MMI (Making Moves Inc) record label, L.A. advised him to re-record “Turnt Up” and add multi-platinum rapper Soulja Boy to the song, which he did. Then L.A. introduced Dash to A&R veteran Anthony “TA” Tate, CEO of Music Line Group and the man behind the careers of hit acts Ciara and J. Holiday.

    “Roscoe is the true definition of an artist,” says Tate, who signed dashed to Music Line. “He can really write. He can talk about the streets, love songs, rock music…he’s a global artist. If you were to morph what Soulja Boy is doing with what Nelly did and fast-forward to 2020, you’d get Roscoe.”

    Tate subsequently brought producer-extraordinaire Polow Da Don and his Zone 4 imprint to the table and by January 2010, Dash had a music industry dream team in his corner: MMI/Musicline/Zone4/Interscope.

    Faced with high expectations and aggressive goals, Dash is currently moving forward with his major label project, [Untitled Album]. A healthy balance of hip-hop, pop, and R&B rhythms, the album is designed to showcase the numerous layers of Dash’s talent. The album’s second single, “Show Out” (produced by K.E.) is a flashy, soon-to-be club anthem with an infectious sing-songy hook. Additional album stand-outs include “Can I Break You Down?” (feat. Kalio), a bouncy, “futuristic love song.” And you can’t be from Atlanta and not pay tribute to the strip clubs, as evidenced by the thump-heavy “Stripper Girl.”

    “I’m really just trying to make music that everyone can relate to,” says Dash. “Of course, I want to be different and bring a new sound.”

    Roscoe Dash’s journey is just beginning and despite the past drama, setbacks and disappointments, the future superstar believes he’s exactly where he needs to be.

    “I wouldn’t change the way any of this happened,” he maintains. “I learned so much from it all, and it only made me even hungrier to do what it is I came to do.”

    Check Out Roscoe Dash @……