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Young Dro, R.I.P. Mixtape

When Young Dro asks How many different kind of flows y'all gonna make me have? on "Y'all Niggas Funny," nothing seems more true. The Dro we've seen in recent months is different from the Dro we remember from "Shoulder Lean," content to make lighter, more playful songs, sometimes abandoning his bulldozer baritone in favor of something more playful. We can only assume that a portion of the songs on here come from the still unreleased P.O.L.O., and if releasing the songs across a series of mixtapes is what it takes then we'll take it. It should be noted that Dro sounds great over "Mo Money Mo Problems" (if only he was rapping back then), sounds blasted out of his mind on "Best Pill Ever Had," and should probably have stayed away from rapping like Cudi on "Day N Night." Looks like we're going to make you have as many flows as you think are necessary dude!

Download: Young Dro, R.I.P. (via Cocaine Blunts)

Young Dro, R.I.P. Mixtape