Premiere: Chauffeur (Mark Ronson, Sam Sparro & Theophilus London), “Soles of Fire” MP3

The semi-secretive super group known as Chauffeur came through The Levi’s®/FADER Fort NYC last Saturday looking like The Specials, all done up in tailored suits and sharp collars and ready to pump out some mellow dance music. Due to flight schedules and the fact that they have but one song, however, they only played for like eight minutes. What an eight minutes though! Sheila E cover HELLOOOO. The one song that is theirs, it turns out, is a special ditty cooked up for Gucci’s Icon-Temporary pop-up stores as they unveil the boat-sneaker designed by Mr Ronson himself, so prepare to feel like spending a lot of money as you listen to this. Ronson has that kind of mind power.

Download: Chauffeur, “Soles of Fire”

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  1. Acyde says:

    been waiting for this shit… fucking love it

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  3. EmmaApplebaum says:

    My ears just came.

  4. sam says:

    jesus christ, make it stop. ronson really scraping the barrel, where has his career gone since he was poised to do such great things? the awful no one bought kiaser chiefs, the rumble strips must of sold 2 copies and….well this? awful, sam sparros cheesy mug annoys me more than anything . theo is dope and needs to do his own record, WITH TALENTED PEOPLE.

  5. skoolofhardknocks says:

    cold pillow to this? rapping about boat shoes, gay singing, and soft synths… wat soundz good on paper doesn’t always sound good on the speakers yo. shit is boring yo