Video: Freddie Gibbs, “Boxframe Cadillac”

Watching this video is just further proof that Freddie Gibbs can do alright without the major label record machine. He’s already got an outlet for his music, and between these videos and the one we shot in a hotel room, Gibbs has plenty to look at as well. They’re all pretty simple performance-based pieces, but that’s kind of what Gibbs is all about. Dude likes to rap—on stage, on record, in hotel rooms, in really dark studios, wherever. Up above watch as Gibbs performs “Boxframe Cadillac,” a song that both celebrates and makes us feel kind of sad about weed.

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  1. hype says:

    this is dope!

  2. mj says:

    This dude is sooo dope!

  3. deeeeeez says:

    best shit out, nobody’s putting out quality like this anymore

  4. realness says:

    this is the shit.

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