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Gatekeeper, "Forgotten" MP3

We're about two days late (or 363 early) in getting you the ultimate Halloween anthem, "Forgotten," by Chicago's Gatekeeper. There is a sliver of a genre of music, something like gay-horror-italo-disco descended from The Skatt Brothers' classic "Walk the Night," gay-horror-italo (actually they were Canandian)-disco origin song. Though "Forgotten" is an instrumental, the lineage is clear—though maybe if we replace "italo" with "Polish" things get clearer. The EP "Forgotten" is from is the first record on Fright, a sublabel of electronic Euro stalwarts Kompakt. This is what happens to the younger brother who got more into John Carpenter than Brian Eno. (via XLR8R)

Download: Gatekeeper, "Forgotten"

Gatekeeper, "Forgotten" MP3