Video: Crookers f. Kelis, “No Security”

When our Milanese partystarters Crookers came through about a month ago, they did a drop for our show on East Village Radio that may have set a world record for longest and most random drop of the decade. It consisted of them talking about how much they love animals, and then making interpretive animal noises for about three minutes, imitating monkeys, bears and dogs among other creatures including what sounded like a small dinosaur. We thought it was funny (and having met Phra’s adorable dog Spino, true), but it was totally non sequitur—until we saw this video for their heavy next single from their forthcoming full-length, Tons of Friends, which further clarifies their love of animals then proceeds to blow away little deer in a hunting expedition by two dudes that look more like US storm troopers in the Middle East. Not sure if there’s some commentary there or not, but after their old-lady make-out video, we’re gonna assume yes.

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  1. video sucks says:

    Has nothing to do with the song.
    They ruined a mega future hit with this crappy, corny ass video.

  2. hater says:

    fader has been featuring some awful shit recently

    the only good thing about that song is the whistletip sample

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  4. Wow says:

    Fader losing cred fast.