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Mavado, "War is in the Air (Israel Riddim)" MP3

If you don't know dancehall, naming a riddim "Israel" to spite your arch nemesis and his "Gaza" empire might be so politically mind-boggling that you disregard it as a minor slap on the wrist. For those in the crossfire of the Gaza vs. Gully feud, the Alliance's Israel Riddim is symptomatic of something much bigger bubbling underneath the dancehall scene's surface and it's emphasized best in Mavado's track, which he earnestly calls "War is in the Air." Despite this riddim's dark forecast, it features a more than a few artists who've been making waves in the dancehall world, most outstandingly Fagan Fraternity's Flexx, who popped up on the periphery with his heavy tone and a knack for clever tongue lashings that we can only hope keeps him heavy in the dancehall boxing ring. (via Dancehallzone)

Download: Mavado, "War is in the Air"

Mavado, "War is in the Air (Israel Riddim)" MP3