Premiere: Alex Bleeker and The Freaks, “Animal Tracks” MP3

Alex Bleeker and The Freaks are undeniably indebted to a certain shakey-voiced, chord-slamming Canadian on this first single from their self-titled debut LP, but instead of doing impersonations it’s like they’ve extracted dopamine from his brain and dripped it into their beers, the sonic tension numbed by Bleeker’s simple short tale about drinking soda on a summer porch. We’ve met these dudes, and we would rather drink sodas on a porch with them than Neil Young about a thousand times over. That dude seems like he doesn’t even drink soda. With Bleeker, there’s no hand-wringing over how much certain things might suck—everyone knows—just relax and deal with it. The rest of the album is similarly raucously at ease, like the band’s native New Jersey has delusions that it is actually the deep, green woods (For a visual of what that might look like, watch them play “Never Going Back” in a gentrified shithouse). Alex Bleeker and The Freaks will be out on November 27th on Underwater Peoples. Make sure to pick it up.

Download: Alex Bleeker and The Freaks, “Animal Tracks”

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  1. anonymous says:

    yall forgot the full disclosure on how a FADER writer/editor just happens to be releasing a Bleeker 7″.

    also, that its a Mountain Man cover.

    and thirdly, delusions of deep, green woods…peep hacklebarney state park bro. Garden State, biyatch:

    just letting ya fools know

  2. PIXELHORSE says:

    YA HEARD??

    Hahaha back the fuck offa Jersey, man.

  3. Peter Macia says:

    Since @anonymous so boldly exposed our scheme, the certain FADER editor releasing a Bleeker 7-inch didn’t write this post, nor did he have anything to do with the release from which this song came. More importantly, I actually like this son, so I posted it. You’re welcome.

    As far as Mountain Man, thanks for the info. As far as Jersey, relax, those are not deep woods.

  4. NJ says:

    Pinelands National Reserve: 1.1 million acres. Pretty deep woods!!

  5. matt h says:

    I like it regardless of this above back n forth

    for those of you in NYC area who also like it:

    JAN 7, 2010

    Drink Up Buttercup
    Alex Bleeker & The Freaks
    DJ Small Change

    The Studio @ Webster Hall
    125 E11 th St