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Stream: Animal Collective, "Graze" (Zamfir Jam)

In a few weeks, Animal Collective will release the Fall Be Kind EP on Domino but as usual the internet released it for them already. One of the previously mysterious tracks from the EP, "Graze," was picked up by Stereogum on YouTube, and starts out with a few minutes of wavy atmospherics and Avey Tare singing about chilling out and stuff. But then around the three-minute mark, the claps kick in and a maniacal pan flute pipes in from what we can only assume is the seventh dimension of the AC galaxy. If you're an ’80s or ’90s baby, you might not recognize this bewitching sound as a sample of Romanian master flutist Gheorghe Zamfir, but it is, and it is genius. Here's Zamfir's "Romanian Wedding Song", which isn't the sample's source but is also genius. If you can tell us the source in the comments, we'll buy you a beer tonight somewhere in New York City.

(via Stereogum

Stream: Animal Collective, "Graze" (Zamfir Jam)