Paul Smith New Line Looks Like Girls

It’s November and most people are thinking about warm sweaters and Thanksgiving turkeys, but Selectism brings us news of Paul Smith‘s vibrant youth offshoot Red Ear, a kaleidoscope of a collection that looks like Easter eggs stuffed in a basket—or something like the closet/floor of Christopher Owens from Girls. Seriously, the dude with the long tresses in the lookbook could literally be baby Owens if he dyed his hair black. Throw in some polka dots, a few awesome printed shirts, a fucked-up San Francisco sunrise, a pizza and a bottle of wine…You get the picture.


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  1. Patrik says:

    I agree. Due to the fact that it is tangentially music-related, I feel compelled to let you know that the Chrissy clone with the long hair is actually Nick Cave’s son, Jethro. He pretty much always looks like that.

  2. bambi says:

    ahaha yeah i wanted to help too about jethro cave !!!