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Lindstrom, "Little Drummer Boy" (Edit) MP3


Thanksgiving is over, which means we are fully throwing ourselves into the winter holiday spirit. We're looking up Egg Nog recipes and wearing Santa hats every day. Only thing is, Lindstrom clowned us all by making a FORTY MINUTE version of "Little Drummer Boy," which you can get as a bonus track packaged with his new collabo album with Christabelle. To tide us over until we can all enjoy Hypnotic Christmas Grooves (2009 edition), Lindstrom released a four minute edit of the track the day after Thanksgiving. We literally slept on it, but here it is now. Not as good as what we imagine forty whole minutes of this would sound like, but still a decent enough soundtrack for smoking "mistletoe" (don't actually smoke mistletoe).

Download: Lindstrom, "Little Drummer Boy" (edit) (via P4K)

Lindstrom, "Little Drummer Boy" (Edit) MP3