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Sandy Kim Has a Book, Is Having a Party

Epic brosephine Sandy Kim has a new book of her photographs [Ed. full disclosure or whatever, FADER editor Matthew Schnipper wrote its introduction] being published by Unpiano Books. It's called Sandy Kim and the cover is a self-portrait of her doing a back bend on her bed with no shirt. Not really any pants, either, just these electric blue tights. Maybe that will be her outfit for the book's release party tomorrow (or today if you read this on Thursday) in San Francisco at Ever Gold Gallery. Check the info. For more of Sandy's work check her site and this slideshow of her photos of the band Girls that she narrated. She was pretty nervous to do that, which was weird because the book has a picture of her peeing, so you would think talking about your best friends for a few minutes might be less of "thing" when you are like "yo check out my stuff or whatever" but that's why we're not artists and she is.

Sandy Kim Has a Book, Is Having a Party