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Nite Jewel's Stones Throw Podcast

We really thought we had Nite Jewel pegged as late night codeine-fueled dance music for people that would rather talk about dancing than actually dance (we say that with a lot of love—Good Evening still gets regular play). But then in an initially confounding but totally awesome move, she linked up with Dam-Funk to record an album as Nite Funk, and we were like Oh shit! These are totally songs for the last late night hour of a wedding/bar mitzvah/high school dance. Now she's put together a podcast for Stones Throw with some of her favorite songs, all of which are great. They also sound like they're coming from the dustiest tapes and most worn out records around, which is just about the best window into her recording process we can imagine.

Download: Nite Jewel's Stones Throw Podcast

Nite Jewel's Stones Throw Podcast