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Untold, "Stop What You're Doing (James Blake RMX)" MP3


There is so much going on in this song we aren't really sure where to begin. It's deep and layered like its own galaxy, bass throbbing and folding in on itself. Not that Untold's original version was anything lightweight—that shit was so deliberately applying minimalism to dubstep (or bass, whatevs) it was almost monastic. James Blake just takes it one step past the pale, beefing it up with dirgey handclaps and a careful bit of synthfunk that would do Dam-Funk proud. UGH, GOD! This track is expanding into our minds like a PARASITE THAT WE HAVE BECOME FRIENDLY WITH, AND WILL LEARN TO LOVE UNCONDITIONALLY WITHIN AN ABNORMALLY SHORT PERIOD OF TIME! James Blake, BIG UP!

Download: Untold, "Stop What You're Doing (James Blake RMX)"
(via Funkism)

Untold, "Stop What You're Doing (James Blake RMX)" MP3