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Zomby and Actress, “Z+A” MP3s

Photographer Leonie Purchas
January 08, 2010

Not really called "Z+A" we just made that up, don't get mad. But if you are mad, turn that frown when you listen to the first teases of what is sure to be a fairly dramatic and capacious duo between FADER cover star Zomby and the incredible Actress, who Heal Yourself and Move recently celebrated. Both of these short tracks are of the more night and rainfall spectrum of both artists' wide electronic genre sweeps, rattled percussion and crinkle synth—looking forward to more, hopefully as easily as this was released, on the Werk Twitter.

Download: Zomby and Actress, "untitled"

Download: Zomby and Actress, "untitled 2"

Zomby and Actress, “Z+A” MP3s