Robert Lester Folsom, “My Stove’s on Fire” MP3

Music and Dreams by Robert Lester Folsom was initially released in 1976 and is being reissued by Mexican Summer. The cover is soft deep blue, a casual sketch of the dude, looking like it was drawn with a smeared, barely-there pencil, is dashed on the front. It is a record that, ten years ago, would probably have been written off as kinda corny by everyone but the yacht rock heads. At this point, it sounds current and refreshing, especially on album highlight “My Stove’s On Fire,” which contains the best non-sequitur (I think I love you baby/ my stove’s on fire) that may or may not actually be a metaphor for his heart and/or penis.

Download: Robert Lester Folsom, “My Stove’s on Fire”

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