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Secret Circuit, "Roll" MP3


What are the politics of naming your song "Roll"? Were this an Usher song we'd be inclined to think it was about rolling out with your crew. If it was Miley Cyrus we'd imagine it was about rollerblading down the boardwalk in the USA. But it's Secret Circuit—who is giving us Dennis Hopper in the ’70s vibes—and we're only thinking ecstasy. Last month we posted Secret Circuit's mix for Lovefingers, a spacious gathering of synth tracks and intergalactic auras. But it was all others' tracks, our only access to Sec Circ coming via MySpace. Fortunately, 20jazzfunkgreats has now posted "Roll," so far our favorite of his output, possibly because, being stubborn traditionalists, it most resembles a "song." Precursored by Caribbean percussion, "Roll" bubbles like a bubble pipe and then serenades itself with something clearly made by a pedal and/or a keyboard that actually sounds a lot like a musical saw. Then there's the sound of someone opening a UFO hatch or like having their eyeball scanned in Total Recall. So the verdict on this track is: drugs. If you had any doubt, the song length is 4:20 and the other track 20jfg has up is "White Wish." We're not even touching that one.

Download: Secret Circuit, "Roll"

Secret Circuit, "Roll" MP3