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I Blame Coco f. Robyn, "Caesar (Diplo Remix)" MP3

A few years ago, Diplo remixed Mike Jones, Paul Wall and Slim Thug's "Still Tippin" by dropping the barracuda beat completely and adding a loop made from PJ Harvey's "Down by the Water." It felt unholy. But it was also really good. This was around the same time of MIA's debut and the budding of Diplo's interest in pairing women's beautiful voices with bizarre, occasionally abject sounds, though always with punchy rhythm. Word comes now that he is producing Robyn's new album, and he's given us a taste with this remix of "Caesar" by I Blame Coco (aka Coco Sumner, Sting's daughter), on which the Scandinavian sensation is featured. He goes heavy on the little drummer boy snare, get a little trance-y and a little Santigold-y and it sounds like a banger for any party the Cobra Snake will be photographing.

Download: I Blame Coco f. Robyn, "Caesar (Diplo Remix)" (via A Tribe Called Next)

I Blame Coco f. Robyn, "Caesar (Diplo Remix)" MP3