Stream: Jamie from The XX Mini Mix for Annie Mac

About half way through The XX’s beatmaker’s mini mix for BBC Radio host Annie Mac, he tosses in a track by another Brit youngster, Joker. We’d never thought to compare the two until now, but in many ways they’re brethren in opposites. The XX is about restraint and pause, elongating and utilizing the space between notes. Joker is about billowing out his compositions, cramming and bending bars until they swell. A friend recently babysat a two-year-old and remarked at how apt he was with the iPhone, sliding screens and navigating apps. If Jamie and Joker are the mild present versions of this tech agility, we can only marvel at the future possibilities. For those of you held similarly rapt by this brief mix of Jamie’s many touchstones, we suggest seeking out his more elongated mix for Fact Magazine from last summer

Stream: Jamie from The XX Mini Mix for Annie Mac

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  1. Scott Curtis says:

    STREAM!? WTF This is so 2000 & L8!

  2. your friend elliot says:

    did any one at all notice that is the FRIEND “rug” from grizzly bear ep?

  3. liv says:

    DUDE! i noticed that too. the grizzly bear thing. i was like WTF?!