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The XX, "Islands (Falty DL Remix)" MP3

We picked up FaltyDL's Bravery EP after hearing it's lead off track "Made Me Feel So Right" at a record store and thinking it sounded a lot like Burial. The rest of the EP veers away from moody night goth 2-step, though stays similarly loosely disjointed, cut and paste jobs of a more traditional four-four, almost like he stole all his drums from a D'Angelo instrumentals record. His remix of our beloved XX's "Islands," one of the more substantial tracks from their debut, continues his reliance on routine rhythms, while still utilizing taut percussion and a host of time signatures. He grinds up the vocals, hollowing and deepening them. But he fully resists the desire to make the remix creepy, as could have been a simple solution. While not inherently creepy, The XX certainly toe the line. It's nervewracking when someone plays around with something so delicate, but mercifully—and ultimately uniquely and fruitfully—FaltyDL dealt gently. (via Pelski)

Download: The XX, "Islands (Falty DL Remix)"

The XX, "Islands (Falty DL Remix)" MP3