Jada Does a Biggie

Jadakiss re-stages the most famous Biggie promo picture of all time for the spring 2010 Coogi campaign, and it’s this image of Jada, resplendent in new season knitwear and throwback Versace shades, that has ruffled the feathers of certain Cosby fans in the office. Basically, they’re claiming that Bill’s extensive collection of cozy big papa knits never quite gets the props it deserves. Whichever side of the argument you sit on, few could be mad at the idea of T-Pain doing the grampa shuffle, re-enacting The Cosby Show opening credits next time around. Check out a behind-the-scenes video from the Coogi/Jadakiss photoshoot after the jump. (Via Rapradar)

Jadakiss’ Coogi Shoot from Coogi on Vimeo.

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  1. Rugged Sole says:

    the 90′s are back!

  2. BEATA says:

    I’ve ended up looking all above for this material. Luckily I just came across this in Bing.