Stylee Fridays: Haversack Shows Us Why Old Dudes Do it Better

January 29, 2010

There is little information on the Haversack website, aside from a mission statement laid out in four simple bullet points, which can basically be summed up in one sentence: solid vintage-inspired menswear that has an eye to the future and its soul in the past. They've broken down their current collection into three bite-sized chunks, and the jazzy beachside delivery is clearly the pick of the bunch. Mjolk's spring 2010 offering edged us in similarly awesome direction when we previewed the line at Capsule last year, and designer Lars Stoten cited the Lost Generation of artists (Hemingway, Pound, Picasso) as a major inspiration, presenting a closet of clothes you might pack for a 1930s vacation on the French Riviera. Haversack takes that idea one step further, using a gentleman that could easily pass for one of the crew to model all three collections.

In an ideal world, age and style would be mutually exclusive—but mostly they're not. Aside from leggy models and saucy European fashion editors, the Sartorialist's best subjects are all dudes that collect a healthy pension, and the average age on Mister Mort's style blog rarely dips below 60 on a good day. In Haversack's case, a lot of the stately swag hinges on the accessories—berets, bucket hats and circular shades that look best against a silvery backdrop. Bermuda shorts and printed seaside shirts like these are also the best advertisement for early retirement we can think of.

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Stylee Fridays
Stylee Fridays: Haversack Shows Us Why Old Dudes Do it Better