Lupe Fiasco, “What U Want” MP3

Lupe himself confirmed this as a track from his new album Lasers but says it is unfinished, which brings him to the modern crossroads: when your track leaks, do you forge ahead as planned or do you pay attention to fans’ reactions and make changes to give them some surprising new final version? We always thought that leaking demos was actually a really smart way of warding off album snipers and rewarding those who wait, and since Lupe is attuned to internet and its whims, we have a feeling this already slow burner will probably end up being on repeat for spring/summer. And yes, that is a photo of Lupe and Howard Zinn. Did we miss something?

Download: Lupe Fiasco, “What U Want”

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  1. jack says:

    this is actually my favorite track that’s leaked from Lupe’s next album – hope he doesn’t change it too much or drop it based on internet chatter

  2. Cindy says:

    love this song

  3. Jim says:

    That does not make sense as Lupe posted in his blog a week earlier that the album was done and was dropped off at the label. So is the album done or is it not done, Lupe?

  4. mczz says:

    this is really dope