Rihanna, “Rude Boy (Diplo Rudeboyz Remix)” MP3

Ha! Diplo makes fun, but this is how Girl Talk became a millionaire. Is he a millionaire? Don’t answer that. More importantly, even if RiRi does appropriate some Maya in the “Rude Boy” video, can’t we all just agree that there is room in my life the world for both of these women?

Download: Rihanna, “Rude Boy (Diplo Rudeboyz Remix)”

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  1. alr says:


    looks like an ezra koenig and major lzr collab

  2. Anika says:

    I missed the memo when did MIA INVENT dancehall culture?

  3. Alexander Great says:

    Diplo is a fucking baby. The video is a pop art nerd fest. There are wayyyy more nods to Warhol and Basquiat that anything MIA has done. Diplo/MIA are appropriating dancehall culture and calling it their own. FUCK THAT. I really dont care for Rihanna either but this is just a case of sour grapes. Aside both artist ripped this off.


  4. bzzt says:

    agreed. seriously, why doesn’t diplo and john mayer start hanging out so they can figure out who the “realest n*gga” is… lol

  5. Peter Macia says:

    I don’t think he’s claiming MIA owns dancehall culture, more that she owns a video for a dancehall-inspired song with green-screened pop art that Rihanna’s director most likely saw and made her own version of. Either way, I’m not mad at either of ‘em, and I’m pretty sure the song is meant to be funny.

  6. trfwrk says:

    I dunno. I think it’s fair to say that rude boy video was influenced by MIA. I don’t think they’re trying to “claim dancehall”… I mean. Look at the video for fuck’s sake. Then compare it to the videos for Galang or Bucky Done Gun.

    I don’t think Diplo/M.I.A. should get mad about it, though. If anything, it’s a compliment.

  7. bzzt says:

    have you seen the link posted above:


    diplo/MIA stole the above. MIA’s buddy cassetteplaya had did something similar with shitmat years ago. jamaican culture is *always* being co-opted.


    like alexander said…know your steeze.

  8. jordan s says:

    “rude boy” reminds me more of “miss independent” (or, more specifically i guess, “ramping shop”) than it does anything by M.I.A., but then again i didn’t watch the video.

  9. DevaTheDiva says:

    Im a big Rihanna fan, and a huge MIA fan ( not like the hipsters, ive been down since b4 the first album dropped ) aaand i dont see what the big fuss is about with rude boy! its a cute song the video is appropriate, well done and entertaining. Last time i checked MIA didnt invent pop art, neon colors, or dancehall. At least Ri comes from a dancehall background, let the girl do her thang and stop creating unecessary drama and hate.

  10. jordan s says:

    actually i was thinking about “te amo” not “rude boy” — “te amo” was prod by stargate and rips off their own organ riff from “miss independent” pretty much wholesale

  11. devonshakim says:

    Ri ri is bajan so dancehall is in her blood and she was nodding that culture hence the outfits and the whining I nevr seen mia whine like that nor would she because she has a different take on dancehall culture…m.I.a. Does something compelty different so how can u even compare them the only thing they have in common is this video and the styling more than anyting rihaan is givin us Grace Jones hence the hair and crazy outfits …so wtf!

  12. wad says:

    Diplo is probably right, because (OK.), MIA don’t invent the style, but Rihanna made a lot of reprise of MIA on stage.

  13. K says:

    If you follow Diplo’s Twitter you can tell he’s a huge jokester, so I HIGHLY doubt he was in any way serious about Rihanna “swagger jacking” M.I.A.