Autechre Fact Mix MP3

February 16, 2010

Over at Heal Yourself and Move, wrapping up the electronic albums of the decade, Andrew Field-Pickering said this of Autechre's Cornfield:

This was the first Autechre I ever heard, and I bought it out of sheer curiosity after reading about it. Back then I had to get to the early shift at this daycare I worked at, and I put this on for the first time during one of my long ass walks to said job. It was completely alien to me (and to many Autechre fans at the time too, I remember reading) but at the same time jump-started my desire to take in purely electronic music. This LP was a major impetus for my interest in techno, house, and all the deviant electronic/noise/ambient music in between.

And now they have a new record of their classic electronic music coming soon on Warp, and have released this mix as promo. It's very hip-hop-centric, though from all corners of the hip-hop world (J-Dilla to Raekwon to Ultramagnetic). It also buttresses up Necrophagist and Bernard Parmegiani!! Which works to both sound intriguing and bum us out that we are losery enough to think that is cool.

Download: Autechre, Fact Mix

Autechre Fact Mix MP3