Video: Estelle, “Freak”

Beyond the music being hot garbage, the less-obvious downside to the culture’s fascination with Gaga is that now every chick on the planet thinks she needs to suddenly act like a weirdo, shave her head, and start wearing clothing with lots of 90-degree angles. Hey ladies, be yourselves and leave the unicorn steez to the OG loco Kelis! But Estelle, despite rockin out about how she’s a “Freak” in this legit weird Guetta collabo (weird because… Guetta??), remains the awesome badass she’s always been, doing great justice to her Soul II Soul riff and vamping cutely in a variety of outfits and um, black make-up. Plus she is singing about bondage on a video that feels like a throwback to C&C Music Factory or The KLF. 1990s house culture in full effect.

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  1. rangamboa says:

    First Fat Joe, then Estelle. Big up to Soul II Soul. Probably won’t be long until we hear a dubstep remix of “Back 2 Life” … actually, I’d want to hear that.

  2. TopBananas says:

    At about :34 into the clip, she looks like Missy (Da Real World era). Check that sh^t out mann. Long lost sisters.

  3. Delgado says:

    This song isn’t bad, but I can’t embrace any new music whilst under the influence of Plastic Beach. Lady GaGa is quite horrible though, I agree there.

  4. Rell says:

    Gaga is a visionary and her music is mostly wonderful. So is Estelle’s.