What the Hell, Justin Bieber Ripped Off RAAAAAAAANDY!

Justin Bieber fever has hit its all-time high. But as this video proves, he jacked his biggest hit (you know, that one… don’t know the name… the one with the the whoa-oh-ohs) from all-star rappermedian, RAAAAAAAANDY, and his band, which includes Dave Sitek and Nick Zinner. He also smoked a shit ton of their weed which is utterly unforgivable. As you can see, Justin Bieber has a lot more to answer for than that evil little crying demon-toddler on the YouTube. Download the Raaaaaaaandy original over here, it features the illustrious DJ Ol’ Youngin.

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  2. AShley says:

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  3. Mike Conley says:

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