Ghetto Palms 93: Genesis Riddim / World Premiere!

March 17, 2010

Technically, Bobby Konders and Jabba premiered the dumb-heavy new riddim from the leaders of dancehall’s new school last week on their Hot97 show. But since I’ve established my credentials by supporting the Daseca sound and the whole Alliance phenom early, early in the game, I got the greenlight to officially debut it on the web—or as I like to think of it, the blagga-blagga-blogosphere. So without further ado, may I present the Genesis riddim…get familiar.

GP93 Genesis riddim blend:
Serani, “When I’m Away”
Assassin, “The Fadda We Say”
Tnez, “Deh Same Way”
Aidonia, “We Nuh Bawl”
Mavado, “Squeeze the Trigger”
Bugle, “Not Guilty”
Raine Seville, “Go Hard”

Stream:Ghetto Palms Genesis Blend

A note on the tracklisting: these joints are so new that they don’t have titles other than “01 RAINE NEW MIX,” for instance. The title info above is not official, just my paraphrases of the chorus on each track. A note on the riddim: this shit is sick. I assume Genesis refers to the bible, as in Book Of, because it has that otherworldy, gangster-gospel feel to it that makes it a natural Mavado vehicle. But I have to say, and this is not necessarily a surprise for a Daseca beat, so far my personal joints are the Serani and Bugle tunes respectively. Mavado does kill it though.

It could also be Genesis as in: dawn of a new era, because Daseca seem to be attempting nothing less than that with their promotion strategy, working some reverse psychology shit on the over-saturated dancehall market by being hyper-selective about who they leak the tracks to (Me, Bobby Konders; you know, the big dogs). It seems to be having the desired effect because no sooner did they blast out the press release than UK veteran sound man and all-around classy dude David Rodigan shot back with the following:

"This is David Rodigan and I am delighted to have read your press release regarding a 'new beginning.' This is a heartfelt cry from me and thousands of other 'reggae' fans in Europe who have become utterly disillusioned by the state of the Jamaican music industry and the lack of thought behind its promotion."

The real test of course will be whether YOU, music-head, go and lay out some hard-earned paypal for these tunes when they drop on iTunes one week from today on March 23rd.

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Ghetto Palms 93: Genesis Riddim / World Premiere!