Video: Hudson Mohawke, “Joy Fantastic”

Spelunking through the glut of SXSW coverage, we found some coverage of the coverage. A blogger was upset with a number of reviews discussing how artists looked and presented themselves. To us, this is an important part of a show and a performance, all of what makes up the large and important idea of “style.” We saw Hudson Mohawke at SXSW and that dude has style. Zebra print, big shorts, weird shades. He looks exactly like the person who makes his music, a bit Scottish computer nerd, a bit electronic music hero. Smartly, he’s complementing his totally outrageous personal look with the video for “Joy Fantastic,” ring-led by Olivier Daysoul, who sings on the track. It is a neon Peewee’s Playhouse meets Avatar—undoubtedly much cooler to look at than a guy at his computer.

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