Dam-Funk Covers Human League For Dr Martens B-day

Philip Oakley of Human League was a wizard of the blush brush and eyeliner stick, but even he’d be floored by the many-layered makeovers and funkdafied transformations Dam-Funk went through in the making of this video. Starting out as Max Headroom’s evil twin, Dam takes a magic carpet ride through the landscape of ’80s consumerism (gummi bears, fruit loops, talking puppies), before spontaneously combusting into a smoking pile of Freddie Cruger junk on the planet Mars. His cover of “Things That Dreams are Made of,” is one of the first in a list of 10 tracks Dr Martens has commissioned for their 50th birthday, and a Buraka Som Sistema rendition of “Buffalo Stance” is on the horizon too. There’s a great behind the scenes video with Dam, where he breaks down his definition of the modern funkster, and why his fantasy-infused philosophy is basically the opposite of keeping it real.

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