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Dominique Young Unique, "War Talk" MP3


Even when she's being threatening, rapping lines like Get up on my block/ And you'll feel this glock, 18-year-old Tampa rapper Dominique Young Unique sounds like she's asking you to come to a party. That might be because she has the unbridled energy of a teenager on the mic, or maybe we feel that way because when we talked to her in Austin, we found her to be incredibly sweet, unexpectedly shy and all about her puppy, a white Maltese terrier. Meanwhile, the production on this new track is like eating every flavor of Skittles at once. "War Talk" comes from Dominique's forthcoming mixtape, dropping in May, which also coincides with a mini-tour of Europe.

Download: Dominique Young Unique, "War Talk"

Dominique Young Unique, "War Talk" MP3