David Banner’s Newest Song is a Gatorade Jingle

If perhaps you were also up early watching Lost on the internet before work, you may have seen the above Gatorade commercial soundtracked by an Otis Redding-esque soul singer bouncing around a perky beat built from whistles and barbershop quartet scatting. The track, titled “Gatorade Has Evolved” (though the actual song does not mention the brand), was written, produced and arranged by David Banner and sung by a dude named Kermit Quinn we don’t know anything about. It’s really good. It’s a porch swing song, sounds perfect for smelling tulips in Richmond, Virginia. Or for selling colorful drinks, whichever.

Download: David Banner, “Gatorade Has Evolved”

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  1. YoungSweezy says:

    Big ups to Richmond, VA. Fist City!!

  2. Sam says:

    FYI: mp3 link doesn’t work

  3. brentabousko says:

    fix it Schnipper !

  4. Matthew Schnipper says:


  5. brentabousko says:

    thanks Schnipper !

  6. Matthew Schnipper says:

    You got it.

  7. brentabousko says:

    Schnipper what’re you doing later do you want to go get a coke or something?

  8. Matthew Schnipper says:

    Maybe a Gatorade.

  9. brentabousko says:

    ZING! that’s why you’re the editor dude

  10. HOOSH says:

    watching Lost? how about the NBA playoffs? it’s been on TV for weeks. sometimes you guys are so hip that you’re not hip. (but thanks for the background info about banner anyway.)

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