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Psychobuildings, "No Man's Land" MP3


Okay so say you are a new band right now and the internet suddenly takes notice of you and before you know it you're on a stage in front of the entire music community and you're like WHAT THE HELL DID I DO TO DESERVE THIS? Because getting a lot of attention before you're ready, before you even have a lot of songs to back up the hype, can pretty much end your music career before it even takes off. But then there are bands like Psychobuildings who seem made for success. They've only released only four songs so far—each one so sure of itself that it makes you wonder how long until this band is playing shows at museums with David Byrne chilling in the back smiling and giving them a thumbs up.

Download: Psychobuildings, "No Man's Land" (via P4K)

Psychobuildings, "No Man's Land" MP3