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Can’t tell what we’re more excited about: the fact that M.I.A. made a deconstructionist mall-pop jam (which sounds more like Sleigh Bells‘ Derek Miller was on beats than actual producers Blaqstarr and Rusko), or the fact that M.I.A.’s latest aesthetic (created fully by her lonesome) is basically resurrecting the sparkle-gifs from every MySpace page abandoned since 2006. People can be mad about either of these things, but the overall vibe is that of Miley in code, a sort of reclamation of mainstream teen-girl internet culture and inside-out flip of its imperatives, stripping apart the tenets of pop production and running them through a fuzzy grinder. There is also potentially a pretty random Diane Kruger reference (see lyrics on this page) at the end.

Stream: M.I.A., “XXXO” (NEET)

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  1. Dan says:

    I think it’s a great track. The irony of it is the way she refers to her image and then throws out a song like this – riding the line between pop and the usual nasty M.I.A beats.

    Good stuff.