Stream: Wiley, “Electric Boogaloo (Hudson Mohawke Remix)”


For about three seconds of this remix, we thought, “Oh, Hudson Mohawke didn’t go completely bonkers on this one.” Then he looped up a sped up snippet of Wiley‘s vocal until it disintegrates. Then he just bangs some other lady-vocal loop and makes a slightly more proper house track for about 30 seconds before it evaporates into electronic seascape. Hudson chills for a second, and then gives himself a proper glitchy coda. This hyper remix is so far from being a linear Wiley song it’s making us long for the organic 2005-ness of “Pies.” Still, no one needs to live in the past, so we’re happy to get future-ized with Hudson Mohawke. (via Fact)

Stream: Wiley, “Electric Boogaloo (Hudson Mohawke Remix)”

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  1. DJ SILKY D says:

    The tune is big anyway and given it this funky sounds still does the part,