Video Premiere: Los Rakas, “Soy Raka”

This video augments the Bay Area sound/dance/movement with a Latin element, lent by the inimitable Bay-via-Panama duo Los Rakas with a little help from some adorable children in polleras and other traditional dress and the Turf Fienz dance crew. Watch out for the little dude turfing in the traditional hat, he is the absolute best. Also, head over here to download “Tu Gial Esta Ready,” their super-cold take on “Beamer, Benz or Bentley” and go here to stream their set live from our radio show on East Village Radio a few weeks ago.

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  1. minimamita says:


  2. FIST UP! says:


  3. bruja says:

    this video is exceptionally well made..the cinematography = off the hook. definitely shows bay area culture and how even though in america, both of these young men have been able to retain their culture, share it with their world and create music for everyone. big ups desde nueva york!

  4. Felipe says:

    Yo they need to blow this up on MTV n’ SHit!!!! the Bay is hittin’ back hella Hard!!! Go Rakas

  5. k. says:

    i remember seeing los rakas perform in oakland years ago, probably when they first formed. after they wrapped i remember thinking to myself that they were really good, one of the best performances of the night. im glad they still going and that they’ve only gotten better. looking forward to more music from them, more shows especially, and am happy to see they’re getting support from outside the bay! BIG UPS to fader for showing the BAY AREA some love. we get overlooked and our steez and innovations jacked without credit, time and time again. FINALLY we get some recognition.

  6. DT says:

    talented, driven, folks, period. lovin los rakas, especially when they rock with live band The Park

  7. Van Diz says:

    Los Rakas is dope!

  8. Trécy says:

    SO DOPE! Raka Dun & Raka Rich make it big!! Keep doing it :D

  9. whooligan says:


  10. Miss Haze of 40Love says:

    killin em!!!!! lesgoooo!!!

  11. Vee says:

    I feel like I was running up n down the fruitvale with you guys! Thank you for taking me on a journey. It’s awesome to watch both of you grow in the industry.

  12. LM says:

    Yo soy Raka! Killin’ it!!

  13. Queen XRA says:

    These 2 are IT. period. I love seeing Oakland and The Bay get love out in the world. We shinin! Why they don’t have a multi-million dollar deal already is beyond me!

  14. SordidPuppy says:


  15. LIPPI says:

    Big ups to Los Rakas, Bay Area fam doin big things

  16. Rafa says:

    Los Rakas explota!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    somos fans!

  17. lolitalebronita says:

    This is what PISSES me off about the USA’s bullshit commercial radio system. THIS IS THE HOT SHIT…when are they going to bypass their greedy payola asses and RECOGNIZE REAL. End rant. Los Rakas will prevail.