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Drake f. Young Jeezy, "Unforgettable" MP3


Respect to Drizzy, but this is fully Jeezy's song: he eats the beat, his tinfoil growl a singular thrill plopped next to Drake's nice-guy melody, which comes off a little thin. You get the feeling Jeezy could teach him a thing or two—maybe not about lady-killing, but about devouring a mic—but maybe we're just betraying our uncontrollable excitement for Thug Motivation 103. (Thank Me Later, too!) "Unforgettable" samples Aaliyah's "At Your Best," which probably won't enrage people as much as The-Dream covering "One in a Million." Tough crowd!

Download: Drake f. Young Jeezy, "Unforgettable" (via Nah Right)

Drake f. Young Jeezy, "Unforgettable" MP3