The-Dream, “One in a Million” MP3


DREAMAALIYAHCOVERHOLYSHITITUDE. Normally we are opposed to straight Baby Girl covers, since no one can capture the mysterious, tragic magic she regularly put down on the equally mysterious melodies Static Major wrote for her to sing. (RIP to both.) But Dream is possibly the only person who can properly do her justice, imbuing her raw sensuality with his own mystical charm, while still honoring her with the reverence she deserves. We’ve long held this man’s music in the highest regard, but this unbelievable track reveals the preternatural tone of his talent—he can cradle, caress and nurture music into raw honey.

Download: The-Dream, “One in a Million”

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  1. simone says:

    RIP princess we’ll always love you.

  2. Mary HK Choi says:

    OMGAWG! Thank you.

  3. Travis says:

    I checked on Google and it seems like the vast majority of blog commenters hate this cover. I kind of like it. I kind of like, or love, everything Dream does. But holy shit. People are angry.

  4. MaBinti says:

    Much love for the thought but this is awful. I mean awful. For good One in a Million covers, check Aaliyah revisited. UK folks know how to do it right!

  5. pat says:

    why did he think he could do it and that woz wrong man, dream on. one and million Aaliyah much love

  6. Lissa says:

    OMG WherE’S the RESPECT?????!!!!!!!???!!!!!!!

  7. Moniqua says:

    He has NO business doing this song. Its not even different from the original, such a wack cover of it. It wasn’t like it was that long ago, that people forgot the song. They still play Aaliyah’s version of the song at least once a week on the radio. I can’t stand him and his wackness.

  8. Miatee.S says:

    omg dreeeeam like i love your writing but you cannot really sing to me :/ BOO noo im sorry but this belongs to be a womans song and not a man attempting falsetto . that is so disrespectful to the beautiful soul that made this song and a slap in the face to static major too who wrote this for one person to sing beautifully not for you to go and mess up . smh stick to the pen and leave the singing to your wife cause i think christina milian could have done it waaaaay better !

  9. JohnnyJupiter says:

    straight garbage

  10. ugh! says:

    YeAH I See what ppl was talkn about… sorta bad….

  11. MoonlightGraham says:

    this song is legit…

  12. marman says:

    fuk dat cover he dnt even have the vocal capabilities to touch dat song he gettn to cocky

  13. Juancito says:

    It’s a different take but, I like it.