Video: Lil B, “The Age of Information”

In case you forgot, “The Age of Information” is the most relevant rap song of our present plugged-in epoch, and features the world’s best punchline: everything is now… on the internet. Say word, B. Like most of his videos, the accompanying visual consists of Lil B just walking around rapping, but here, he also provides a service: if you need fresh ideas for fashioning your head scarf, look no further. (via Southern Hospitality)

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  1. LIL B says:


  2. haha God bless Rap !

  3. mazi-ra-di says:

    This is hot. Just made my normal rotation

  4. TKB says:

    seriously? dude seems nervous on video and tired when he spits.
    nice beat tho

  5. I agree with TKB. the dude doesn’t look or sound comfortable. The song sounds ok but so do thousands of others. click on my link for some examples of what’s groundbreaking in Miami.

  6. mARK says:

    Are you kidding me? Did someone say this just say that this song made their normal rotation?What the hell else is in his normal rotation?

    Please help me to understand whant in Lil B’s inarticulate rap has anything to do with the title, hook and pre and post monologue of his song? Or better yet explain the verses of his songs. Lil B was right about one thing; hip hop is dying because any idiot with a mic, computer, and broadband connection can now call himself a rapper. The internet helped to democratize music, and now we’ve found that the people love ignorance. Thanks a lot “Age of Information”

  7. PhillGates says:

    A LOT better than the other stuff I’ve been hearing from Lil’ B lately, almost no repetitive shit… at the end though, I’m not really grasping his logic.

  8. PhillGates says:

    Nvm… I get it (^_^)

  9. thetallgrass says:

    THANK YOU BASED GOD. to anyone who’s said bay area rap doesn’t come with it lyrically or talk about things that matter, this has to be the most relevant and realest “real talk” i’ve heard in a long time.

    you can nitpick and hate, but you can’t deny that he’s doing and saying something different and genuine which is what music, especially hip hop, needs right now.