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Kanye West f. Dwele, "Power" MP3


Good Ass Job, young Yeezy—this shit knocks. His way of acknowledging the past few months of ego-outbursts—and subsequent status as media pariah—is by positioning himself as the king of the world over a sample of King Crimson's "21st Century Schizoid Man." It's a terribly genius fuck-em made better by the levity of his copious jokes and an undertone of soul searching. However impulsive Kanye may be, you can't ever accuse him of being un-self-aware, his perpetual post facto reflection a useful tool for making awesome raps. Fuck SNL and the whole cast/ Tell em Yeezy said they could kiss my whole ass/ more specifically they could kiss my asshole/ I'm an asshole?/ You niggas got joooooookes!. Welcome back, friend.

Download: Kanye West f. Dwele, "Power"

Kanye West f. Dwele, "Power" MP3