MIA, “Steppin Up” and “XXXO (Jay-Z RMX)” MP3s


The leaks from MIA‘s album are becoming increasingly more industrial—”Steppin Up,” streamed from Zane Lowe’s Radio 1 show, sounds like Russian constructivist dubstep imploding into drum n bass—but then industrial’s concept is well suited for taking the piss out of Big Brother. (Just ask Nitzer Ebb.) Her frustrated-identity pop jam “XXXO” is much gentler in the scheme of things, and the newly added Jay-Z verse kind of sounds like Hov’s answer to “Jenny from the Block.”

Download: MIA f. Jay-Z, “XXXO (RMX)” (via Fact)

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  1. Yup, Maya and Hova, “Stepping Up” is cool,…..still better “Haters”!
    MI, MI, M.I.A

  2. christopher says:

    great job f*ckin up this song hov.

  3. industrial?? russian constructivist dubstep?? i guess that’s witty for the 22nd century. i can’t tell the difference between drum n bass and dubstep. jon, your magazine is visceral. Is education emphasized in music. Is Stone jew? do these motherfuckers serve a purpose? I look at biggy plaques and see escobedo. I wana keep that. George Orwell seems boring but on some next. I accept the year of my birth so should I side with you’re mind speaking for everybody wanting to hear good music. uber nietzsche…I think hitler studied that. How industrial (punctuation ?.) Fuck a sinhal and the whole caste. Thanks miss esobedo for making the indigenous sound so high class conformer. 80′s punk and synthpop isn’t indie…video killed the radio star right?? I like the big picture encrypted. How selfish of kinda smart ppl. I envy “our” understanding of a minority. Hire me whores!!

  4. i don’t believe in “1st” cuz i don’t read ya bullshit as comments…my name is ju. holla!!

  5. written lyrics killed the individuals’ psychy.

  6. alan says:

    XXXO is a hot track. Hova pm messed it up though even though it is dope to see him doing another collab with Maya.

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