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The FADER Issue 68 Free Download


We used to know a subset of people who said the only new music they listened to was made by their friends. If it wasn't classic or obscure or weird or just anything but current, it got ignored. There's something quaint about these self-imposed superiority limits. In its best light it's a notion analogous to "back in the day," or "kids these days," the head-shaking lament of the deterioration of the sum total of society. But we're here now, let's celebrate that. Unlike other magazines, we've always made a commitment to two covers—one never felt like enough of a spotlight on the enormous swath of music available. With our summer issue, though, we realized there was so much incredible music coming, we had to double up with four covers of four unique, diverse and wholly killer artists: MIA, Ariel Pink, Wavves and The-Dream. Rock, R&B, pop, punk and all the subgenres below: these four show that you don't even have to turn over rocks to find a plethora of excitement right in the now. But just to cover our bases, we flipped a couple anyway. Our Summer Music Issue features stories on Tame Impala, Active Child, Azari and III, Best Coast, Thai pop, Chemical Brothers, Spanish dance parties, Russian writers, Hawaiian shirts and infinite other notes from the underground, including a special summer guide to BBQ, sports, art and more. There's a big world out there and we're stoked to be a part of it right now. Download below and check out all four covers after the jump.

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The FADER Issue 68 Free Download