Video: Drop the Lime, “Sex Sax”

This awesome piece of work depicts exactly how we want our summer in New York to go, and it helps that it’s populated by a bunch of East Coast club staples and dudes we see on the regular—Nick Catchdubs and Dust La Rock in the Fool’s Gold office, park-dancing bass queen Star Eyes, Badman Shark at Mishka, Da Hardy Boyz on the b-ball court, 77Klash ordering ice cream, Tiombe Lockhart jamming on the stoop, Nick Hook‘s pale arm in an elevator, Drop the Lime himself in various locations, everyone from beloved low-end label Trouble & Bass, a bunch of other people we don’t necessarily know personally and hey, is that Dirty South Joe playing the sax protagonist? There’s no way Drop the Lime didn’t envision this exact video while he was making the song, because its narrative arc is too precise. And did we mention that shit is incredible?!

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  1. Urgh says:

    like samim’s ‘heater’ played by a broken vuvazela. is the DTL going for the mainstream then?

  2. EL NOU MON says:

    DTL will forever be in my heart for coming to Austin for SXSW, playing two records in a cheesedick club I had never stepped foot in and then basically telling the club owner to fuck himself/his speakers because there wasn’t enough bass. Then he left. Got to stand up for your shit. DTL real real.