Well, The Dipset Reunion Has a Film Trailer

It ain’t a movie, dog… or is it? Granted, we are more excited for the impending Dipset reunion than we are for any blockbuster (maaaaybe Cyrus), and this professional-looking clip embodies one of our favorite characteristics of these dudes: skyscraper levels of self-importance, self-importance so exaggerated it ceases to be narcissism and bleeds over into performance art. Plus, the rebuilding/going to work analogy is dope… and Juelz looks pretty good in HD. Ayoooo!

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  1. charles says:

    their new tracks are meteocre. Cam sounds like a retired porn star, on the wrong beat jimmy sounds like a hobo, Freeky don’t speak english and Juelz can never crossover with harlem swaggah. All these guyz have clothing lines or somebody in their family does but they love to say no homo. Everywhere isn’t manhattan.

  2. charles says:

    nice article julez…juelz looks like juelz in HD.