Miss Banks, “Slow Hands” (Interpol Cover) MP3


Miss Banks‘ sidewalk freestyle from her 1LOVE video became an office favorite with the quickness, but she’s been emailing us for a hot minute saying she’s gonna switch it up and now we finally have proof. The young Harlem rapper’s got a crazy singing voice up her sleeve—like, REALLY, Azealia?! You’ve been keeping this thing under wraps? On her cover of Interpol’s “Slow Hands,” she kinda flattens Paul Banks’ (no relation) disaffected robot vocals with an unashamed aching, like she knew exactly what he was singing about but one-upped him by not hedging her emotion with a jagged edge. NEED MORE. Banks’ album’s coming out on XL sometime in the future, but until then get your fix with her latest verse on Major Lazer’s latest EP.

Download: Miss Banks, “Slow Hands”

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