Young Jeezy, 1000 Grams Mixtape


UGH Young Jeezy would it kill you to release a mixtape with properly labeled songs just once? It’d really help us out. Whatever. It’s not like we’re not all downloading and listening to this anyway. Jeezy’s album is pushed back again, so he’s recorded and released another mixtape in the interim. It’s mostly him rapping over other people’s stuff, which, for 75% of the rap industry usually means that we should all batten down the hatches and prepare for watered down versions of the the original. But it’s gravel voiced Jeezy! Always stable. Never really varying in tempo too much, just working with any beat that gets thrown his way. It’s a pretty sweet example of why this guy has outlasted a lot of his peers. Download the link before from Sendspace and holler in the comments when it inevitably goes down and we have to grab it from somewhere else. Technology!

Download: Young Jeezy, 1000 Grams Mixtape

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  1. Always like Jeezy’s cadence and voice. His beat selection and style are choice where hood hop are concerned. But how about his un-flinching devotion to his own people’s destruction. I thought the “Snow Man” was a slap in the face, he’s progressed and matured to “1,000 grams” with the product on the cover. Sheesh

  2. Ahem… Not to be confused with hip hop blog —another worthy competitor for all y’alls attention.

  3. s.o.v. says:

    Jeezy is the greatest living rapper. He is a modern day Nietzsche.

    “Fuck bad bitches, smoke big blunts / who am I to tell you different you only live once”

    A philosophy we all should live by.

  4. Sir Indie says:

    Appreciate you supplying a little mixtape goodness for me…=)


  5. sirshits alot says:

    I like jeezy, he gotta dope style…(no pun intendend). But as much as he talks about that cocaine shit and watching scarface, you would think he uses it. Because we all know he aint selling it nomore, so whats the point of killing ya hood more by broadcastin the shit. You can still be a hood street nigga and not talk about coke. Ya fan base gets older too, and we start to realize how foolish that shit is…I wish he was on that Pac shit buildin the hoods up and making a change by force taking no shit from nobody….he still has time……tm103

  6. dan says:

    the link went down, hook us up with another one

  7. Valencia says:

    Rick Ross Fuckin Wit Tha Wrong Nigga !

  8. V says:

    Jeezy Keep That Shit 103 Rick Ross Keep That Shit 102.5 Lol !