CFCF, Slow R&B For Zellers Locations Canada-Wide Mix


A few weeks ago CFCF blew our minds by playing a set of slo-mo jams at PS1. It was perfect for the weather—hot and breezy and smooth. We basically flipped out and started going around talking about how the future of all music ever was SLOW MOTION. Granted, that might have been a little hasty, but the fact is, right now there is a lot of music that sounds great slowed down. We could go off on a whole thing about how that’s probably a reaction to the speed at which we’re required to take in new music. A reaction against the internet or something. But more than that, it’s just awesome to draw out sounds in songs that might have otherwise gone unnoticed. Also it sounds like wandering through a department store, which probably explains the name of the mix. Kind of a game changer.

Download: CFCF, Slow R&B For Zellers Locations Canada-Wide

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  1. Chris says:

    long live slo-wave

  2. mike says:

    link died from too much traffic, re-up:

  3. ryan says:

    thanks mike, jus about to say

  4. astro says:

    if you dig this, you all need some warm syrup in your life:

  5. juiceteese says:

    Slo-wave? More like Slo-fi. :P

  6. Mayne Mane says:

    ridin’ tha nightbus all thru 2k10

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