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Hear CFCF Make Adult Contemporary Pop Sound Fresh on “Windswept”

A new release from Montreal musician CFCF is always cause for a celebratory yelp. Sometimes you just need to let it out. “Windswept,” from CFCF’s new Outsiders EP on Dummy Records/Paper Bag (out May 20th), … read more »

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Stream: Joakim, “On The Beach (Neil Young Cover)” (CFCF Remix)

FADER PREMIERE There’s a lot of layers to this one: ever-evolving French producer Joakim covered the title track off Neil Young’s druggy classic On The Beach, re-imaging it with vocoded singing and a warped, analog … read more »

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Kilo Kish, Fatima Al Qadiri, Rockie Fresh, CFCF, Jim-E-Stack to Play FADER Nights at Brooklyn Night Bazaar

Want to spend the next five weekends inside a 40,000 square foot Williamsburg warehouse? We’re happy to announce that, along with other New York purveyors of music, art and food, we’ll be participating in this … read more »

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Stream: LOL Boys, “Changes (CFCF Remix)”

Mike Silver, aka CFCF, really went for it on this remix, sliding a melodic riff from Bruce Hornsby’s “The Way It Is” (or Tupac’s “Changes”, depending on your era of reference) behind LOL Boys’ sleeper … read more »

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Stream: CFCF’s Mix For SSENSE

On any given day, you can listen to three or four solid mixes by exciting new artists. Couple that with every new song that comes out, plus videos and other weird internet shit and you’re … read more »

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Stream: Saint Lou Lou, “Maybe You (CFCF Remix)”

CFCF infuses the minimal pop sheen of Saint Lou Lou’s “Maybe You” with a bit of texture, giving its open washes some rooted beats and looping synths. Still Sain Lou Lou’s vocals manage to hold … read more »

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Video: CFCF, “Exercise #3 (Building)

In our FADER #79 story, CFCF, bka Mike Silver, explains that he found inspiration in the much maligned Brutalist architecture of the ’60s and ’70s for his Exercises EP, but video director Adam Beck explained, … read more »

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d’Eon, “Transparency Pt. II” MP3

R&B experimentalist d’Eon’s “Transparency Pt. II” has the same basic chord structure as the original “Transparency” from last year’s split Darkbloom LP with Grimes. Here, though, his soulful ooh girl vocals and digital keyboard arrangements … read more »

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Stream: Sleep ∞ Over, “Romantic Streams (CFCF Remix)”

Almost a year after the release of the original, and following other “Romantic Streams” remixes by Damu, Nguzunguzu and Balam Acab, CFCF swaddles Sleep ∞ Over’s glittering, doomy love song in yoga blankets and lavender … read more »

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World Premiere! The FADER #79 Featuring Philip Glass

The most famous, absurd anecdote about Philip Glass, the subject of our annual Icon Issue this year, is that around the time Einstein on the Beach was performed at the Metropolitan Opera in 1976, he … read more »

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