Contest: Chromeo’s Business Casual Prize Extravaganza


Tomorrow Chromeo releases their awesome new album, Business Casual, which sounds like lying on a hammock while watching someone airbrush a Nagel painting on the side of the wall. Total boat vibes with some of the best, super-shiniest production this year. To help you get in the brainspace, we’re giving away a super prize package to celebrate. One winner will receive both a CD and vinyl version of the album (for your Walkman and Victrola), a numbered lithograph poster signed by the dudes, and an official Business Casual t-shirt. Tasty waves dudes! Pics of the goods after the jump. To enter, tell us why you love Chromeo in the comments below, and make sure you leave your real email so we can tell you if you’ve won. Contest is now closed. Thanks for entering!

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  1. Chris says:

    I love Chromeo because they’re legit enough not to buckle to the trends after nearly a decade of electro-funk steez AND because P-Thugg is man enough to admit he didn’t brush his teeth before using that vocoder on Yo Gabba Gabba in front of thousands of kids.

  2. Aaron Apple says:

    Because of their obsession with stocking-ed legs, embodied or disembodied.

  3. Joel says:

    two reasons, P-Thugg and Vocoder…. say no more!

  4. BSam says:

    Chromeo kicks arse because NIGHT by NIGHT I can play their stuff and DON’T WALK AWAY. WHEN THE NIGHT FALLS and I have to entertain a lady-friend, THE RIGHT TYPE of music is Chromeo.

    Then, she starts talking about DON’T TURN THE LIGHTS ON, and I tell myself, “YOU MAKE IT ROUGH,” but things stop once she hesitantly says “I’M NOT CONTAGIOUS.”

    J’AI CLAQUĆ© LA PORTE and as I run out she yells “GROW UP.”

    So, much like my old-lady I love Chromeo because they’re a HOT MESS.

  5. Erik says:

    Because of their old quote: “Our keyboards grew legs so they could walk it out!” Also, because their ability to rock an 80′s pop chorus is second to none. Chromeo is like the perfect combination of Zapp & Roger, Hall & Oates and Huey Lewis. Can’t go wrong with a line up like that. It sounds like the best concert of 1988.

  6. Because they chrome my soul and heart so it shines while I dance to their music.

  7. Gia says:

    I love Chromeo because I think they might be the only people who love Hall & Oates more than I do! (Seriously, their episode for Daryl Hall’s webisode show made my life, especially when they played I Can’t Go For That. That’s my jam!) I also love the heck out of Destination Overdrive, because it makes me dance all stupid-like around my apartment.

  8. dinorock says:

    YO i fux with chromeo slash OMGing LUV dem cause they some crazy Bitches. no doubt. They wear the PANTS in the neo-funk/disco/good catchy music industry, and Their PANTS is bigger than the whole fucking empire state building. Gimme sum of dat why don’t cha, show me a likkle fancy footwork, and you might get some tenderoni, but you gotst to take it night by night, because if you turn the lights on, you might make it rough. That’d be a hot mess, unless you’re the right type.


  9. laxuo says:

    I just like the way it tastes

  10. Vlad says:

    I love Chromeo because they are like Chrome and Oreos. Shiny and delicious. And musically fantastic. I’m not sure if Oreos or Chrome are musically fantastic but Chromeo sure is. Anything that’s associated with them turns into pure gold. Gold plated chrome. That Siriusmo remix of Night By Night is banging. Anyways, I love Chromeo simply because of their attitude. Knowing they’re so jammin. I could play Chromeo in my sleep and I would probably still dance. And cry of happiness.

  11. Matt Fritscher says:

    lets get this dance party started
    nobody here leaves broken hearted
    and no I’m not a needy chick
    just a dude lovin’ beats this sick
    and I’m livin’ my life night by night
    for which a chromeo beat feels just right:
    twinkling synths
    and smooth vox too
    lyrics about lovers
    and doin’ it too
    yeah I know Chromeo’s my right type
    and when the night falls it’s gonna get hype
    Chromeo I love you so


  12. Dan Adams says:

    they’re the band even hipsters from portland will admit to knowing.

  13. Chuck says:

    Because every one of their albums is amazing and those videos of them with Hall and Oates are soooooo dope!!!

    I drove 4 hours each way to see em in DC for their current tour!

  14. Erwin John says:

    Chromeo is always “Business Casual”.

  15. Brandon says:

    Easily the funkiest Jewish Arab duo ever, no matter where you’re at they’ll put a smile on your face and a twerk in your step.

  16. A.R. says:

    I’ve traveled all the way to Milwaukee via Greyhound bus from Chicago to see Chromeo. I’ve been a big fan since seeing them play the Intonation Fest a long time ago. Easily two of the coolest and nicest dudes.

  17. Jon Romero says:

    Listen to their music and you will know why =)

  18. Marc R. says:

    I fell in love when you posted “Momma’s boy” on your Blog (or was it on Kanyes old (better) blog?). Then I bought the album Fancy Footwork.
    It was worth buying, just for the intro :-O Chromeooo Oh oh… DAMN !!!

  19. Luc Williams says:

    I love Chromeo because whenever I think about him it immediately makes me think of how lucky his parents are to have not just him but his brother A-Trak just killing it daily. The two dudes are the definition of self taught success.

  20. Michael Kendall says:

    That Chromeo slang
    Is so mad
    Fucking dangerous

  21. Ben Roode says:

    I love Chromeo because I enjoy listening to meticulous effort. Too often, bands or albums in this genre are a bunch of sounds. At first, Chromeo sounds the same. Listen to more than 10 seconds, however, and you’ll hear the meticulous effort of two guys who’re really thinking about what they do. That, and it makes me feel like I remember the ’80s more than I actually do. Great music.

  22. Adam G says:

    Because when you hear those sweet sounds of electro-funk your body cannot help but move. Chromeooo oooooooo o!

  23. P THUGG is a G, and Dave is one suave guy. Chromeo are a unique great sounding inspirational duo! Fresh sounding 80s beats but brought right into the 21st century. Genius! props from the UK

  24. lr says:

    super awesome to this 80′s baby.

  25. James says:


  26. ROBERT H says:

    those some bad ass boys.
    Dont Turn the LIghts ON!!!

  27. RInglets says:

    I love chromeo because it’s on of the few things that can keep me dancing short of nu-disco and stray&grass. super synthesizers to the rescue.

  28. Laura DeLuca says:

    i love them because they have a great sound and they’re kind of hot in a bad boy way